Hydro One Relaunches Winter Relief Fund To Support Most Vulnerable Customers


Hydro One reinforced its commitment to support customers in financial need with its Winter Relief Fund. As part of the company’s commitment to customers, those in need of financial assistance as well as increased payment flexibility are encouraged to contact Hydro One for support. Since 2020, the company has helped tens of thousands of customers access approximately $11 million in financial relief from both Hydro One and government programs.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen a small segment of our customers fall further and further behind. We continue to encourage customers who are experiencing financial hardship to contact our customer care team to access the relief, flexibility and choice available to them,” said Spencer Gill, Vice President, Customer Service, Hydro One. “With this Winter Relief Fund, we are trying to reach these customers to let them know we are here to help.”

Ontario is continuing to provide immediate bill relief to electricity consumers and ensuring additional support is available to families when they need it,” said Todd Smith, Ontario’s Minister of Energy. “I’m pleased Hydro One’s Winter Relief Fund is reducing barriers to help families access that support, while at the same time offering customized payment plans and other services to help families keep costs down.”

In addition to financial support, Hydro One offers a range of services to help customers manage their electricity account, including:

  • Choosing their own billing date and pricing plan (Time-of-Use or Tiered).
  • Signing up for high usage notifications to monitor electricity consumption.
  • Budget billing to flatten spikes in electricity usage often associated with heating and cooling.
  • Connecting customers with appropriate low-income programs.
  • Offering payment flexibility, such as customized payment plans.

Customers are encouraged to contact Hydro One at 1-888-664-9376 to learn more about the support options available to them.


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