Hydro One Announces Pandemic Relief Fund


Hydro One announced a Pandemic Relief Fund to assist customers affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As part of its commitment to customers, Hydro One will offer financial assistance as well as increased payment flexibility to customers experiencing hardship.

“This is a difficult time for everyone and we want our customers to know that we’re here to support them,” said Mark Poweska, President and CEO, Hydro One. “We hope this fund provides our customers peace of mind so they can concentrate on what matters most — keeping their loved ones safe.”

“As Hydro One’s largest shareholder, we are pleased by the actions taken by Hydro One to support their customers during this uncertain time,” said Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines.

Hydro One and its employees play a critical role in maintaining Ontario’s electricity system.
Since the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak began, Hydro One’s Pandemic Team along with its leadership, have been actively monitoring the evolving issues to ensure we can continue to deliver the service Ontarians depend on while keeping our employees, customers and the public safe.

“We recognize the critical role we play in powering communities across the province,” said Poweska. “We take our responsibility to our customers, employees and the people of Ontario to heart and will continue to work with the sector and government to champion the needs of electricity customers in Ontario.”

Hydro One is going one step further by extending its Winter Relief program. This program, first introduced by Hydro One and now mandated for the entire province, halts disconnections and reconnects customers experiencing hardship during the coldest months of the year.

More details about the Pandemic Relief Fund can be found at www.HydroOne.com/ReliefFund. Hydro One is encouraging customers concerned about their bill or upcoming usage to call 1-888-664-9376- to discuss the fund and what options are available.


  1. Nothing on there that helps anyone very much just delays there payments for awhile. If they wanted to help they would get rid of the time of use crap it never was anything but a money grab did nothing to save power at peak times like it was implemented for so get rid of it.


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