Huntsville Women’s Soccer League Results For Week 7


Huntsville Women’s Soccer League, once again, competed this past Monday evening with two matches of incredible play!

Muskoka Tea Company took a 3-2 lead well into the second half of their match against Cottage Country Flowers. Despite a desperate effort to hang on to what would have been a well earned victory, ultimately Cottage Country Flowers proved to be too much recording a 7-3 win.

Kim O’Grady Chestnut Park Real Estate and The SportLab squared off in the adjacent match. After a seesaw battle up and down the pitch, the Kim O’Grady team proved their worth with a 4-0 victory.

Week 7 ‘Players of the Match’ were presented to Sophie Small, Paige Smith, Rebecca Hamilton and Becky Herbener.

Next Monday, July 10th, play resumes at Conroy Park in Huntsville.


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