Guide The Design Of Huntsville’s Community Brand

Photo courtesy of Town of Huntsville's Facebook page

Hey Huntsville, The Town is developing a visual identity for a community brand and we are seeking your feedback to help guide the design! The Town of Huntsville is working with TWG Communications to craft the look and feel of an authentic brand that speaks to the community. All residents (year-round or seasonal) are invited to take the survey at, your feedback is essential. Don’t wait and take the survey today!

You might be asking, what is a community brand? The goal of the community brand is to create a visual representation for the community, that is contemporary and dynamic. Well branded cities may come to mind like Paris as the city of love or New York’s I love New York. The new look and feel for Huntsville will be used across multiple mediums and will help position Huntsville as a progressive, modern community that is open for business, welcoming to newcomers, and focused on growth and development.

Huntsville’s Manager of Marketing, Lisa Spolnik, reiterates the excitement of this new brand and how it will be used, “This is a really exciting initiative for the Town of Huntsville that will allow for brand cohesion throughout all of the Town’s and community products, whether that be for economic development, tourism, or marketing purposes.”

There are currently no plans to change the existing municipal town logo used corporately and on welcome signage. The new community brand, once approved, will be used for various promotional materials such as attraction and event campaigns, print publications, social media, online content, and community wayfinding to name a few.

“More than ever, municipalities are competing for investment dollars and the attraction of new residents. A strong community brand will increase the potential to attract residents, bolster business and boost tourism,” shares Huntsville’s Economic Development Officer, Lauren MacDermid.

Year-round and seasonal visitors are encouraged to visit and complete the survey. Input from the survey will be instrumental in shaping design and direction of the look and feel of the new community brand.


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