GreenHaven Women’s Shelter Can Accept More Women And Children


Greenhaven Women’s Shelter in Orillia operates 24/7 providing women and their children a safe and nurturing environment in which they can finally escape the violence and abuse they have been faced with.

This one-year-old building provides up to 14 beds, with rooms that allow moms to be right next to their children through an adjoining room.  The building is fully accessible with an accessible washroom and shower.  Women who are in need of assistive devices can freely move about the residence, make use if the kitchen and feel independent.

Greenhaven is the shelter in Orillia which offers specialized services to those women who are fleeing domestic, intimate, gender-based violence and human trafficking.  Our team of experts provides counselling, group counselling, housing supports, income supports and court supports and more.  You do not have to be a resident in our program to access these specialized services.

If you or someone you know is in need of specialized services and are living with gender-based violence please contact us.

“Greenhaven was a sanctuary for me.  I needed time to collect my thoughts and think about what me and my daughters would do next.  Greenhaven gave me the time,  help with finding an apartment, help getting money and someone to talk to.” Joy, 52 years old.

“During this time of COVID, we see more now than ever the need for specialized  services such as those provided by Greenhaven.  Providing services to women and  their children who are fleeing gender-based violence takes a specialized team  who have the experience and know-how to best support some of our most complex cases.”

Ligaya Byrch, MA, MSW

Interim Executive Director

For those in need of immediate assistance:

Crisis Line- 705-327-7319 or 1-888-285-6958 OR


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