Georgian Signs MOU In Vietnam To Advance Internationalization And Innovative Global Partnerships

Kevin Weaver (right), President and CEO, Georgian College, signs an MOU with Khoi Nguyen Investment Group (KNI) in Vietnam to advance internationalization and innovative global partnerships, alongside Ms. Thao Trinh (left), Deputy General Director and member of the KNI Board of Directors.

Georgian College recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Khoi Nguyen Investment Group (KNI) in Vietnam agreeing to open new possibilities in an innovative global partnership.  

KNI continues the Canadian education legacy of its predecessor company Khoi Nguyen Education Group (KNE), which has a rich history of developing top quality education projects across Vietnam including The Canadian International School Vietnam (CIS), in Ho Chi Minh City, and the first and only accredited Alberta Offshore School in Vietnam situated in Lao Cai City of Vietnam. KNI’s newest project has been working to collaborate with partners to bring various levels of Canadian college programming to Vietnam.  

“We welcome this opportunity to engage with our international community as these relationships are vital to diversification in support of our global Georgian community,” said Kevin Weaver, President and CEO, Georgian College. “This MOU aligns with Georgian’s internationalization strategy to focus on global engagement and innovative partnerships. KNI is focused on academic quality and ensuring a positive impact on communities and their economy. Their vision for postsecondary education in Vietnam aligns with the core strengths of Georgian.”

Georgian’s strategy for an internationalized Georgian community is also centred around enhancing cultural awareness internally and externally, support for greater international exchange, study abroad opportunities, and in-country partnerships to enhance its presence and capacity.  

KNI holds education and social innovation at the centre of their projects and is determined to support the need for building capacity for employability outcomes while meeting regional specific community needs and resulting in positive social impact.

“We are delighted to share that through this conference KNI has officially established a relationship with Georgian College, one of the esteemed Canadian colleges to be our prospective partner,” says Ms. Thao Trinh, Deputy General Director at KNI and a member of the Board of Directors. “Both parties are committed to bringing a high quality vocational college program to Vietnam. We share the vision of meeting labour demands and shortages in both Vietnam and Canada and through this MOU, we are proud to continue working towards this great social and educational cause. This year also marks the 50th year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Canada so I believe that there is no better way to start this relationship.”

Both Georgian and KNI will co-operate on international education, specifically exploring opportunities to build capacity as they establish an international college in Vietnam, with the objective of aligning a high-quality vocational college programming with flexibility of studying locally and internationally.

During rich preliminary discussions, KNI and Georgian explored a variety of specialized programs suitable to the ever-changing labor needs of Vietnam with a focus on industry ready graduates and social impact in support of the regional community needs.

Georgian and KNI will continue to review opportunities and areas of potential co-operation including program areas of interest, curriculum alignment, equipment and infrastructure as it pertains to KNI’s plans to build a state-of-the-art campus.

Georgian, with its robust international student population representing 83 countries speaking more than 35 languages, is committed to expanding diverse markets through offering market specific programs, innovative partnerships, and expanding mobility for staff and students.


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