Donation Of 300 Smoke Alarms Received For ‘Get Alarmed Baysville’ Program


The Huntsville Lake of Bays Fire Department is excited to launch the Baysville Get Alarmed Program, a community-wide fire safety initiative, made possible through a generous donation of 300 hardwired First Alert smoke alarms from the Baysville Curling & Bocce Club.

On June 17th, 2023, the Huntsville Lake of Bays Fire Department will dispatch personnel to carry out door-to-door courtesy inspections of existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. The campaign aims to replace any hardwired smoke alarms that are either non-serviceable or due to expire by 2025. This judgement-free initiative is solely focused on ensuring the safety and functionality of these devices and will not penalize homeowners for any potential deficiencies identified.

The donated First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarms are interconnected and can communicate wirelessly with other compatible alarms up to 700 feet away, forming a comprehensive smoke alarm system. They are an excellent choice for larger homes or properties with detached structures like garages or bunkies. These advanced alarms feature photoelectric technology, which reduces the chances of false alarms.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every home in Lake of Bays is equipped with functional smoke alarms,” stated Fire Prevention Officer Grant Murchison. “After completing this campaign in Baysville, we plan to roll out similar initiatives across the remaining hamlets in Lake of Bays.”

The Baysville Curling & Bocce Club, which has been operating as a volunteer club for 70 years, worked closely with First Alert Canada to secure the donation of 300 hardwired smoke alarms and 120 wire adapters valued at $18,000. The club is dedicated to fostering a vibrant, active community through various activities and initiatives.

The Fire Department invites anyone who is concerned about fire safety to contact the Fire Prevention Division at any time throughout the year at (705) 789-5201 or email Grant Murcheson or Steve Markham


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