Dangerous Ice Conditions On Lake Simcoe

Photo Credit Terry Bell

Members of the York Regional Police Marine Unit are reminding residents that ice conditions on Lake Simcoe and other lakes and waterways remain unsafe and unpredictable during early season ice formation.

Lake Simcoe and surrounding waterways still have large sections of open water. As new ice continues to form, it can be relatively thin.  While sections of ice may appear to be snow covered and stable, we would like to remind all citizens that ice conditions can vary drastically even in close proximity and may pose significant risk.

Each year members of the Marine Unit respond to calls of people, vehicles and pets that have fallen through the ice. Citizens are reminded to keep pets and children away from shorelines, river banks and ponds as ice and increasing water flows present a clear danger.

Remember no ice is ever completely safe. Any individual enjoying recreational activities near a body of water must make a personal decision to do so, realizing that there is a degree of risk associated with this choice. It is crucial that citizens take individual responsibility in evaluating the quality of ice.

For more information and safety tips, contact the York Regional Police Marine Unit at 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7321, or visit the York Regional Police website at www.yrp.ca


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