Curry Clifford Stands For Muskoka District Chair


Bracebridge realtor Curry Clifford announced today that he will stand to become Muskoka District Chair.

In a press release, Curry made his case for his candidacy outlining his 36 years of experience in public service and his vision for Muskoka District.

“I’ve learned the only way you solve complex issues is through collaboration, instilling a sense of urgency and getting down to work,” said Curry. “That’s why I’m prepared to lead as Chair. I understand District Council, leadership, economic development, and I’m passionate about public service.”

Curry has held positions in provincial and municipal governments, including with the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Ministry of Labour, the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO), and the Region of Peel. He has also led the Clarington public service as Chief Administrative Officer.

After moving to Muskoka seven years ago, Curry has volunteered with the Economic Development Committee in Muskoka Lakes and the Board for Habitat for Humanity Gateway North. The 61-year-old also serves on the Board of Muskoka Community Futures, chairs the Muskoka Founders Circle Membership Committee and is a Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce member.

As presented in the press release, Curry’s vision for Muskoka District prioritizes housing affordability, community economic development and protecting the natural environment.

“I’ve seen too many Muskoka businesses ready to expand but unable to do so because they’re short of staff,” said Curry. “And as a realtor, I’ve met too many people who want to buy a home here but who can’t afford it. And I’ve seen the crippling housing shortage here firsthand.”

According to the Smart Prosperity Institute, a think tank from the University of Ottawa, Muskoka’s housing shortage is now 2500 units and is expected to rise to 6500 by 2031.


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