Bracebridge’s Power Outage And Debris Clean Up

Photo courtesy of Town of Bracebridge's Facebook page

Town of Bracebridge Public Works crews continue to clear fallen trees and debris from roadways and public property. This operation will carry over into next week. Residents are advised to use caution around trees that have hanging limbs and broken branches.

If you see downed or dangerous trees or branches on roadways, sidewalks, parks or trails (that are not in contact with overhead power lines) you can report it to the Public Works Department during office hours, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at 705-645-5264 ext. 3650 or If you have an after-hours emergency, please call 705-645-5264 to be connected with the on-call operator.

As the forecast changes, residents are reminded to monitor their property as the snow melst. Remove any leaves or debris from drains and roadways to allow water to flow and drain freely. For more information on flood safety and preparation, visit

District Municipality of Muskoka Waiving Brush Tipping Fees

To help support residents rid their property of brush and branch debris, the District Municipality of Muskoka will waive brush tipping fees at the Rosewarne Transfer Station in Bracebridge to aid in clean-up efforts.  All vehicles must enter and exit over the scales. The site attendant will request information for tracking purposes – please be prepared to show proof of residency, as fees are being temporarily waived for Town of Bracebridge residents only.

For more information, including hours and operation at the Rosewarne Transfer Station, please visit or download the Muskoka Recycles mobile app.

Power Restoration

Power has returned to many areas of Bracebridge, however many properties are still waiting to be restored. Lakeland Power and Hydro One are continuing to restore power to the affected areas as soon as possible. For updates on the outages, visit and the Hydro One Storm Centre.

If you see a fallen power line, always assume it is live. The ground around downed power lines may be electrified.  Stay 10 metres (33 ft) or more away from downed lines. You can be seriously hurt or killed if you make contact with electricity. To report fallen power lines or a power outage, contact Lakeland Power at 1-833-867-3777 or Hydro One at 1-800-434-1235 depending on your service provider.

Food Safety

During and after a power outage it is important to consider the safety of your food and water to protect against any food or waterborne illnesses.

As a rule of thumb, an unopened refrigerator will keep foods cool for 4 – 6 hours without power. Where a refrigerator has been opened and closed, the temperature cannot be maintained.  If you are unsure if a food is safe for consuming, remember, when in doubt, throw it out.

All hazardous foods (meat, poultry, dairy, fish and eggs) that have been stored above 4 C (40 F) for more than 2 hours must be discarded due to the increased risk of the growth of organisms that can cause food borne illness. It is recommended that you discard:

  • Raw or cooked meat products such as cold cuts, poultry and poultry products.
  • Fish and seafood.
  • Milk and milk products, including yogurt and cheese.
  • Casseroles, stews, soups.
  • Salads such as pasta, potato, and rice.
  • Raw and cooked vegetables.

If your chest freezer is full, foods inside should remain safely frozen for up to 48 hours after a power outage. If your freezer is half full, foods inside should remain safely frozen for 24 hours after a power outage. Any foods that are thawed should be thrown out. For example:

  • Discard thawed vegetables, fish, shellfish, ice cream and frozen foods because bacteria multiply rapidly in these foods.
  • Partially thawed foods that still contain ice crystals can be safely refrozen.  However partial thawing and refreezing reduces the quality of most foods.
  • Fruits that still look and smell good may be refrozen.

For more information on food safety during a power outage, visit Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit.

Be a Good Neighbour

Take the opportunity to check in on your neighbours and those who are vulnerable while the power remains out in areas throughout Bracebridge.

Personal Safety

Some properties have now been without power for over 30 hours.  If residents feel they are in danger, they should call 9-1-1 immediately. For more information on staying safe and emergency preparedness, visit


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