Two Outstanding Muskoka Students Awarded The Muskoka Lakes Association’s Annual Bursary


The Muskoka Lakes Association is pleased to announce Jocelyn Aldom and Aidan Fitzmauriceas winners of its annual post-secondary education bursary.

Jocelyn and Aidan are dedicated young leaders with strong track records of achievement and engagement in their schools and communities. They embody many of the MLA’s valuesincluding leadership, integrity and collaboration and so we’re very proud to support their next educational steps. The MLA typically grants only one bursary per year, but it was impossible to choose between these two extraordinary young people so the MLA Board unanimously approved two bursaries this year. The MLA wishes both recipients the best of luck as they head off to university in the fall said Susan Eplett, President of the Muskoka Lakes Association.

Aidan Fitzmaurice’s

In the student recipients own words:

“Solving problems energizes me and a career in math or engineering will let me use my leadership skills, my love of solving problems, and my appreciation for collaboration. I look forward to returning to Muskoka to give of my time and talents to protect and nurture the land that I have grown up on and to responsibly design and reinvent structures.” Jocelyn

Having two recipients this year is a large contribution as it means the MLA is investing in the future generations, and stewards to Muskoka. I would like to extend my gratitude to the entire MLA team for their unwavering support, especially you and the others involved in the administering of this bursary program. I would also like to thank the team for supporting me with my journey, and future endeavours. Aidan

The annual $5000 Bursary to a Muskoka student is part of the MLA’s commitment to strengthen and support the greater Muskoka Lakes community key to its mission to preserve and enhance Muskoka for all generations.  The selection committee seeks students who reflect the MLA’s values, demonstrate a financial need for their post-secondary education, and expect to return to, or continue to influence, the communities of Muskoka.  

The MLA advocates for responsible stewardship and enjoyment of the unique environment of the Muskoka Lakes. The 2000-member volunteer organization represents anyone who works on, lives on or enjoys the lakes.

For more information or to become a member please contact the MLA’s Port Carling office at 1-705-765-5723 or


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