Township Developing Comprehensive Asset Management Plan

Township of Lake of Bays' Superintendent of Parks and Facilities, Scott MacKinnon (left), with an engineering consultant inspecting the dock at Dwight Beach.

With a permanent population of approximately 3,759 and an additional 11,720 seasonal residents, the Township of Lake of Bays has a vast network of roads, bridges, community centres, libraries, senior centres, fire halls, and various other Township-owned buildings. Effectively managing and maintaining these valuable assets requires a strategic approach that takes into account asset lifespan, maintenance costs, environmental impacts, safety, and service quality.

Acknowledging the significance of accurate infrastructure data, transparency, accountability, and compliance with current legislation, the Township of Lake of Bays is proud to announce the development of a comprehensive Asset Management Plan (AMP). This plan will serve as a strategic framework for the efficient management of Township assets.

To ensure the creation of a detailed Asset Management Plan, the Township has engaged a consultant group. This collaboration involves closely working with Township staff to conduct a thorough review of existing asset management materials, infrastructure documents, and inspection reports. On-site inspections are also being conducted to assess the current state of infrastructure assets.

Following the completion of the assessment and the drafting of the document, the Asset Management Plan will be presented to Council for review and consideration for adoption. By maximizing the prudent utilization of tax dollars, the AMP will provide the Township of Lake of Bays with a roadmap for sustainable asset management. This approach ensures the efficient delivery of services, supports economic development, and facilitates sound financial planning and decision-making by both Township management and Council.


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