Founders Persevere Through The Pandemic To Bring Dick Duff’s Organic Jerky To Canadians


The Founders of Dick Duff’s Organic Jerky, a beef jerky company based in Ontario, adapted their business amidst the pandemic to turn their focus online. Jeremy and Jonathan Anderson launched the company in July of 2019 after Parry Sound-based jerky legend Dick Duff partnered with the brothers to sell his famous recipe. The business-savvy pair have been consuming the savoury snack since the 90’s, when Dick Duff’s home operation was in full swing. The duo is on track for a successful first year with Duff’s three delicious jerky flavours available in over 250 locations across Canada.

As a significant part of their business development was centred around trade shows and in-store demonstrations, they had to find a new way to reach consumers. The Andersons had a reputation to uphold and pushed through the pandemic to further Duff’s legacy, who is now 60 years of age. When COVID-19 halted life in Canada, they got off the road and went online. Dick Duff’s online sales grew exponentially, with the duo selling 15 times more jerky virtually than in February of this year. To achieve this growth, the Founders explored various online sales opportunities after Innovation Guelph mentor, Brad Fitzsimmons, gave them sound advice:

“During a crisis, view it as a learning opportunity for your business,” said Fitzsimmons. “Ask yourself, what does my business need right now? And how can I learn, develop and adapt accordingly?”

The Andersons started with Amazon and in no time the jerky was flying off virtual shelves. They also saw gains by partnering with food delivery services like Fresh City Farms and, which grew in popularity due to the pandemic, and working with subscription box companies like Carnivore Club and Pine. Getting creative, the brothers also partnered with micro brewery delivery service, Brewer Eats; with any beer delivery, food was a requirement. As it turns out, craft beer drinkers find organic jerky the perfect pairing.

“Traditional in-person marketing channels suddenly closed and as a new company, it was critical we found alternative ways to reach consumers,” says Jeremy Anderson. “Online was the obvious choice, but even then, it wasn’t clear how to navigate it. So we got creative. We explored all kinds of online marketplaces, advertising channels and partnerships to create brand awareness and drive sales through these tough times.”

Canadians looking for a go-to power food for their next outdoor adventure, a keto-friendly snack for the cottage and high-protein hiking fuel can find Dick Duff’s Organic Jerky across the country for less than $10, and in many places online. In keeping with Duff’s methods back in 1989, when the jerky came to be, it continues to be clean, sustainable and ethically-sourced. The company prides itself on its use of organic beef, boasting no GMOs, pesticides, added hormones, antibiotics or preservatives, only authentic, quality flavour true to Duff’s recipe.

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