EF2 Tornado Confirmed In Uxbridge On Saturday

Photo Credit: Northern Tornadoes Project in Uxbridge

An Northern Tornado Project team investigated the damage at Uxbridge, ON after Saturday’s devastating derecho. The preliminary result is that a long, narrow path of enhanced damage, up to EF2 in intensity, was identified – length 4.26 km, max width 260 m, max speed 195 km/h, time near 1:15 ET.

There is additional damage roughly in line with this tornado farther to the east of Uxbridge, and the length of the tornado may be extended after further analysis. The worst damage was to the roofs of two apartment buildings

A derecho, which is a widespread long-lived windstorm associated with a line of thunderstorms, developed near Sarnia late Saturday morning and tracked northeastward over Southern Ontario, crossing Ottawa Saturday afternoon. Damaging wind gusts were reported over a large swath of Southern Ontario as the severe thunderstorms raced through.

There have been at least ten fatalities reported as a result of the strong winds with this line of thunderstorms. There was also extensive damage to trees, power lines and buildings. There were also overturned cars reported as well as widespread power outages.

More than 1,000,000 customers were without power from this storm Saturday. Power outages continue in many areas today.

The following is a summary of peak wind gusts observed with this line of thunderstorms in kilometres per hour:

Kitchener – Waterloo Airport 132

Ottawa International Airport 120

Toronto Pearson International Airport 120

Toronto Buttonville Airport 110

Brantford Airport 104

Uxbridge 100

Elora 99

Ottawa Central Experimental Farm 93

Gatineau 90

Oshawa Airport 89

Toronto Island Airport 89

Trenton 83

Guelph 83


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