Crime Prevention Tips Related To Theft From Motor Vehicles


Officers from the Collingwood and The Blue Mountains OPP would like to encourage area residents to avoid being a victim of a theft from motor vehicle by practicing these Lock it or Lose it tips.

Those tips include removing valuables from your vehicle or put the items out of sight or in a locked receptacle inside the vehicle. A huge part of preventing this type of crime is simply by locking your doors, most modern vehicle have remote controls/fobs to lock the doors from a distance making this a very easy step to take.

Those two tips mentioned above would eliminate the overwhelming majority of those types of thefts as investigations have found that the common denominator in theft from motor vehicle occurrences is unlocked doors.

As well, with the holiday season upon us, many of us will go shopping and thieves know that some of those purchases may be left in unlocked vehicles at malls and public parking areas.
Again, practicing the two above mentioned tips will be your best bet in preventing the theft of that perfect gift and keeping this festive season safe and enjoyable.
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