Bracebridge Approves Actions To Improve Community Resiliency Against Impacts Of Climate Change


Bracebridge Town Council approved a Bracebridge Action Plan and Implementation Schedule, the town-specific portion of the District of Muskoka’s Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan (ReCAP), which outlines the actions that each Muskoka municipality plans to take to address the most urgent and threatening impacts of climate change.

This adaptation plan is a priority for the Town of Bracebridge as it prepares for a more resilient future. Due to its geographical location, Bracebridge is prone to flooding and other impacts of climate change including the destruction of public and private property, shoreline erosion, irregular sedimentation in rivers and lakes, disruptions to vital infrastructure and more.

The Town of Bracebridge Action Plan and Implementation Schedule is comprised of 30 action items grouped under five themes:

  • Development and infrastructure;
  • Communication and educational awareness;
  • Adaptation programs;
  • Emergency response measures; and
  • Policy change.

Within each theme, several action items are outlined that aim to review current infrastructure, programs and planning, evaluate safeguards and mitigation programs to better support the community, build partnerships and work collaboratively with area partners, focus on continuous improvement, environmental stewardship and more. This plan will be used when developing Municipal Budgets and Business Plans, and to help guide future climate change adaptation activities.

In July 2021, Bracebridge Town Council declared a climate emergency to support the commitment made by municipalities around the world in protecting local economies, communities and ecosystems from the ongoing impacts of climate change. Bracebridge’s natural environment is a core piece of the community’s identity, as well as a key driver of its economic vitality and quality of life. This action plan strengthens the Town’s commitment to adding a climate action perspective on all decision-making and working to achieve community wellbeing, resiliency, and equity.

To learn more about the Town of Bracebridge’s Action Plan and Implementation Schedule and the ReCAP overall, visit

“The Town of Bracebridge is committed to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement to ensure the health and safety of the community and the natural beauty of our town. We must act now to take the necessary steps to reduce our environmental impact and protect our natural resources to ensure the health and wellness of the community both now and in the future. The Bracebridge Action Plan and Implementation Schedule will help guide plans and decision making to ensure resiliency from the impacts of climate change. I look forward to working collaboratively with our local partners to ensure the natural beauty of Muskoka is preserved for generations to come.”

– Rick Maloney, Mayor, Town of Bracebridge


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