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Researchers Release Report On Cover Crops In Ontario

Researchers at the University of Manitoba (UM), working in collaboration with the Ontario Cover Crop Steering Committee, have shared the results from the 2020...

Ontario COVID-19 Study Seeks Input From Teachers And Education Workers

As Ontario experiences a third wave of COVID-19, teachers and education workers are, once again, at the front lines of this pandemic. The Government...

Warming Winters Threaten Culture In Northern Communities, Report Says

The impacts of climate change have put a number of species and ecosystems at risk, and now, the culture of northern communities is being...

Bird Studies Canada Seeks Citizen Scientists For Project FeederWatch

Bird Studies Canada is seeking citizen scientists to count and report bird sightings, aiming to build a better picture of bird and environmental health...

American Bumblebee Facing Extinction In Canada According To York University Study

The American Bumblebee is facing imminent extinction in Canada, according to a study led by York University published in the Journal of Insect Conservation...