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Ontario To Introduce Lifetime Driving Ban For Repeat Car Thieves

The Ontario government is cracking down on auto theft by introducing legislation that, if passed, would suspend driver’s licences for people convicted of the...

Over 370,000 Attended The Canadian International AutoShow, A Record-Setter

The 2024 Canadian International AutoShow was a record-setter, welcoming more than 370,000 people to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. With consistently strong attendance throughout the...

Tesla Cybertruck Is Coming To The 2024 Canadian International AutoShow

Tesla is returning to the Canadian International AutoShow — and it is bringing the Cybertruck with it. The futuristic-looking Cybertruck, designed to tackle any terrain...

CAA Insurance Company Addresses Escalating Auto Theft Crisis Across Canada

CAA Insurance Company is deeply concerned with the auto theft crisis unfolding across Canada. According to industry experts, in 2022, auto theft exceeded $1.2...

Ontarians Increasingly Concerned With Rise In Auto Theft, New Survey Says

A recent survey conducted on behalf of CAA Insurance Company has found that a growing number of Ontarians have significant concerns about vehicle theft....

CAA Releases Canadian EV Buyer’s Guide

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) launched a new interactive EV Buyer's Guide today that allows Canadians to look up which EVs might be best...