Young Boy Survives Fall In Huntsville


Just before 4 p.m. today, Muskoka EMS and Huntsville OPP responded to an address on Main Street in Huntsville for a 5-year-old boy who had fallen 15 feet out of a window.

The boy was transported to hospital in good condition and is expected to be okay.

The Children’s Aid Society and The Huntsville OPP are continuing to investigate.

Summer Window Safety Tips:
• Keep windows closed and locked when children are around and keep furniture and anything that a child can climb on away from windows to reduce the chances of a child falling through a window. When opening a window for ventilation, choose one that a child cannot reach
• A closed window is not necessarily a safe window. Children can easily learn to use window hand cranks. Remove them if they are in reach of small hands.
• Set and enforce rules that your child cannot play near windows especially the activity that kids love – jumping on the bed.
• Use window guards and stops on windows above the first floor. Studies have shown they can reduce falls by 35 percent. Window stops prevent the window from opening more than 10cm. Window guards are a barrier in the front window. They are available at local hardware, home renovation or home safety stores – See more here.


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