Writing Dialogue To Bring Your Writing To Life With Author Bianca Marais


International writing sensation, Bianca Marais, is Returning to Muskoka! Bianca Marais is the author of two critically acclaimed novels, Hum If You Don’t Know the Words and If You Want to Make God Laugh. Her writing has been described as “gripping, remarkable, heartbreaking, mesmerizing, powerful, stunning” and the list goes on. One of the reasons for her great success is her skill at writing dialogue.

On Monday, January 18, 2021 via ZOOM Conferencing, Muskoka Authors Association is hosting a half day writing workshop with Bianca as guest instructor.

Bad dialogue can ruin an otherwise great book. When it’s good, it can elevate a decent story into a compulsive tale filled with fascinating, multi-layered characters; when it’s bad, it can be downright cringeworthy. Author, Bianca Marais, shares her insights into writing dialogue that’s engaging, reveals character, enhances plot, and also sounds natural. Learn how to use action beats and dialogue tags that will make your writing come alive
If you’re writing a novel or have always wanted to tackle one, you won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to workshop directly with Bianca Marais.

Bianca teaches creative writing at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies (where she has just been nominated for the Excellence in Teaching Award in Creative Writing) and hosts a podcast aimed at emerging writers. She also runs the Eunice Ngogodo Own Voices Initiative in South Africa to encourage and empower women of colour to tell their own stories.

ZOOM Link to this event will be sent to participants after registering.
Zoom Workshop runs from 10 am to 2 pm.  Zoom room will open at 9:50 am.
Fee – MAA Members: $20, Non-Members: $50
For more information and to register, visit EVENTBRITE or call David Bruce Patterson at 705-801-8074 to receive link to the ZOOM Workshop.


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