Two Locals Rescue Pregnant Deer Stuck In Ice On Lake Rosseau

Screenshot courtesy of Trevor Nicholls

An average commute turned into a rescue mission for two local men after they noticed a deer stuck in the ice near Royal Muskoka Island on the morning of April 22.

“We were driving by [Lake Rosseau] on our way to a job site when we noticed a deer standing on the ice,” said Trevor Nicholls. “Upon closer inspection, we realized there was another one trapped in the ice.”

Nicholls and his colleague Grant Clifford decided that they couldn’t leave the deer stuck in the ice, so they borrowed a canoe from a nearby boathouse. Clifford paddled out to the ice and broke a path through for the deer to follow him back to shore.

“When I made it to her, she relaxed and followed me,” Clifford said. “I held her head to help her relax in the water and she would just stop and let me help her get her breath.”

The deer was able to swim but too tired to stand, so when they got back to shore, Clifford and Nicholls lifted her to land. The deer fell back into the water while trying to stand and Clifford realized that she was pregnant, so the men moved her as gently as possible to more level ground.

With the job site awaiting them, the men departed for work, leaving the deer to rest and warm up in the Easter Monday sun.

Videos courtesy of Trevor Nicholls



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