Township Of Muskoka Lakes Seeking Feedback For Website Redesign

Image courtesy of the Township of Muskoka Lakes

The Township of Muskoka Lakes is looking for resident and visitor feedback on their website as the township starts work on redesigning and developing a new website.

The township will be working to redesign the website over the next few months. Council approved the website redesign and development project during the 2019 budget process. The project directly aligns with the Township’s Strategic Area of Communications in the Township’s Strategic Plan, according to township officials, namely to improve public access to information and enhance quality and timeliness of communications. Year-round and part-time residents as well as visitors to the community are encouraged to participate in a short survey available online. The deadline to complete the survey is June 7.

“We’re looking to the community to help us better serve their needs,” said Corey Moore, communications and economic development specialist. “We want to know how we can improve the user’s overall experience on the municipal website. Our goal is to use the community input we receive through the website survey and incorporate this feedback into our new website design.”

Visit the Township of Muskoka Lakes website to learn more. To access the survey, click here.


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