Town Of Bracebridge Plays Aprils Fools Joke By Announcing New Visitor Centre In Virginia

Photo courtesy of the Town of Bracebridge

The Town of Bracebridge joined in on the April Fools fun by announcing a brand new visitor centre just 1,238 kilometres away from the town, located immediately north of the Virginia/North Carolina border.

The announcement said the town would expand into the United States by assuming control of Virginia’s Welcome Center Centre on Interstate 77 (I-77) North, a popular route to Canada. It also said the marketing literature at the Bracebridge Welcome Center Centre would be replaced with Bracebridge and Muskoka-themed pamphlets, letting travelers know that they’re just over 1,200 kilometres away from attractions like Santa’s Village. Since the centre would be an international border crossing, the announcement said the Federal Government would contribute approximately $50 million to construct appropriate entry and exit facilities.

“It is a defining moment in the history of our Town and one that should be celebrated by all that think that going to the bathroom before driving up into the mountains is a good idea,” said Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith.

The idea came together after Smith used the rest-stop during a family vacation.

“A member of my campaign advance team put up elections signs at the Welcome Centre,” said Smith. “When I arrived, it was clear I had no competitors and that nobody from Virginia was opposing the election. I waited five minutes and was declared the winner by a confused elderly couple from Statesville on the way to see their grandkids in Morgantown.”

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) was confused about the change, according to the town, but officials are hopeful that he’ll grow to understand the cross-border opportunities.

“What? I’m sorry son, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Can you say that again? Somebody took over a rest stop?” said Northam.

The announcement said a new co-marketing campaign could be in the works, celebrating the fact that “Bracebridge is for Lovers” and that Virginia is “The Heart of Muskoka.” Smith also said the project may take years to complete, so “travellers should look for incremental changes at first. It will be like it’s not even happened.”

Photo courtesy of the Town of Bracebridge
Photo courtesy of the Town of Bracebridge



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