TLDSB Releases Statement Regarding Hold And Secure


TLDSB received a significant generalized threat this morning through social media. Police were contacted immediately. As a precaution, at 9:15 a.m., all secondary schools, and then all schools and buildings, were placed in a Hold and Secure until police could narrow down the geographic location of the threat. The reason all schools were placed in Hold and Secure was because the location of the threat was unknown at the time. Police conducted an investigation, located the person responsible, and an arrest was made. The Hold and Secure was lifted at 10:57 a.m.

Schools in a Hold and Secure lock exterior doors until the situation is resolved. The school continues to function as normal inside the building.

They would like to thank all our staff, students, parents, and community partners for their cooperation and patience during this Hold and Secure.


Hold and secure for TLDSB schools has been lifted. The threat has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.


TLDSB has received generalized threat today. TLDSB schools are in a hold and secure until the police are able to narrow down the location of the threat maker.

Hold and secure is used to secure the school due to an ongoing situation. In this situation the school continues to function normally, with all exterior doors being locked until the situation is resolved. We will update you when the situation is resolved. Please watch this space.


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