Tips To Avoid Being “Porch Pirated”


With 2 weeks left until Christmas, the packages being delivered to peoples residences appear to be increasing, and with that, so do the thefts.

The OPP have noticed an increase of calls regarding thefts from porches. Some tips to ensure you don’t fall victim to these “porch pirates” include:

  • Track deliveries online and try to be home at the time a package is delivered;
  • If possible, request deliveries services to get a signature from a recipient
  • When scheduling a delivery, leave instructions on where the package can be delivered or ask for a phone call when it is delivered. Even leaving a package out of sight may make all the difference;
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbour to receive your package at the time of delivery;
  • If allowed by an employer, have the packages delivered to your work;
  • Have the package delivered to a delivery depot where it can be held for pickup;
  • Consider installing a motion-detection home security system that records video and sends immediate notice of activity to your cell phone. Many new smart doorbell systems allow live updates;
  • Some stores provide a pickup-in-store service that allow you to pick up items from a nearer location;
  • Look carefully when ordering as retailers may have a way of customizing delivery instructions.

If you have been victim of a theft from your porch or have any information that may assist the OPP, please contact 1-888-310-1122.


  1. The biggest problem is the low caliber of delivery drivers. Instead of leaving the package concealed from view of the street, they usually leave it right in front of the door in plain view

    • What a terrible thing to say, these delivery people are run off their feet trying to keep up this year! Maybe shop locally instead of ordering everything online and you’d have nothing to worry about!

  2. I completely disagree with the previous comment. We get packages delivered on a regular basis by several different delivery agencies. The caliber and professionalism of the drivers has always been excellent.


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