The Weather Network Prepares Ontario and Quebec For Winter

Photo Credit: Weather Network

For southern Ontario and Quebec, a snowy winter is on the way, with considerably more precipitation than last year. This will be particularly true in ski country and throughout the lake effect snowbelts, where lingering warm lake water temperatures will provide ample fuel for lake effect snow squalls late into the season.

Frequent winter storms are likely for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Valley, thanks to an overall active storm track. However, since snow totals here will be highly dependent on the tracks of individual storms, parts of the region outside of the snowbelts could see snowfall numbers that underachieve. In addition, some storms will also bring a variety of precipitation types (including rain) to the region.

If there is a silver lining to the forecast, it’s that we should see a more progressive pattern this season. That means there will be periodic breaks in the cold, and even the occasional thaw across the south. However on the whole, we expect below normal temperatures for the season for cities like Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Toronto, and Ottawa.

Credit / Source: The Weather Network


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