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We Filmed Your Lake, We Filmed Your Cottage
Rick, Dale and their professional cameraman son, Dana always enjoyed cruising Ontario’s waterways and taking videos for their friends to enjoy. Urged on by their friends they began placing these films on the internet so that everyone could enjoy the beauty of Ontario’s waterways. Now by visiting the website, viewers from around the world can take a relaxing virtual boat tour of over 600 of Ontario’s lakes and waterways, especially the beautiful Muskoka lakes.
When they started, they found out there was a great demand for cottage buyers wanting to preview the lakes and waterways before actually visiting these vacation areas. “Our website is great for people who can’t see the area because they are too far away or those who are shopping for a cottage in the winter when it is difficult to envision what the area looks like in the summer months.”
The website gets up to1500 views per day from people from all over the world. Their goal is to become a permanent advertising tool for real estate agents to show the beauty of their waterfront listings and the lakes they are on.
People from all over the world appreciate being able to see our beautiful waterways, places they vacationed in the past or in previewing places they plan to visit in the future. So if you would like to take a relaxing virtual boat tour of Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, Lake Joseph, Lake Couchiching, Lake Simcoe or any of the hundreds of other Muskoka lakes, is the site to visit.


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