Swift River Energy Limited Hosts Open House in Bala

A Contractor hired by Swift River Energy

The public is invited to attend an informational open house, hosted by Swift River Energy Limited, at the Bala Community Centre, 1008 Maple Ave, Bala on December 8, 2016 from 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.  The intention is for the public to inspect the alteration/restoration plans for Portage Landing in Bala. Representatives of Swift River Energy Limited, Stevens Burgess  Architects and the Township of Muskoka Lakes will be in attendance to answer questions.
This is the first project for Swift River Energy that has been widely
criticized by residents, cottagers and businesses owners.  The public
feels many of their questions and concerns about the project have never
been properly addressed by the developer.


  1. The legacy for Bala of all the Save Bala Falls activists is a much worse Option 1 location for the plant. Option 2, off to one side, is what should have been built for the Bala Falls power plant except it needed the cooperation of the Mayor and council at the time. Instead they are building Option 1 right in the middle of the falls. Thanks Save Bala Falls. http://www.ontarioriversalliance.ca/swift-river-energy-to-build-hydro-plant-on-hated-option-1-bala-falls/

  2. Glenn Zavitz here…not hiding like many. The reason for the fight to save the Bala Falls is always to STOP the completely unnecessary destruction of Bala, NOT MAKE A BETTER HYDRO PLANT FOR BALA. Muskokans do not need this $100 million GIFT to a Private Developer….but he does, right? Good old Mccrank should be honest here and acknowledge the Queens Park folks do not always make good decisions…this is/was a particularly BAD one. There is 0 fight between STBF and anyone EXCEPT SREL…I have spoken to no more than 5 people in Muskoka that WANT THIS HYDRO PLANT, so it stands to reason it simply is wrong, doesn’t it? BUT, people who do NOT want it ARE NOT CRAZY RADICALS-they’re simply working hard to have a VOICE…knock off the bashing and get on the SAVE train-if you don’t, the Swifties are comin’!

  3. Bring your protest signs- it is time to kick Swift River and the money grabbers out for good. Don’t forget your bullhorns. It’s time to stamp out the bull about needing or wanting a power plant here. I t is pure spin by slick spin doctors. Stop the destruction of the Bala Falls. Bottom line- there is
    NO BENEFIT to ANYONE. Stop this idiocy now!

  4. Come with your loud voices. Swift River is not welcome, wanted, or needed. Those who would destroy our beautiful falls have got to get out. They can grub for money somewhere else. Come one, come all, and bring your protest signs and bullhorns!

  5. Swift River is toast. This project is NOT needed. It is NOT wanted. It is blatant destruction of a beautiful waterfall and destruction of Bala’s cottage, tourist economy. Bring your protest signs. This company is UNWELCOME in Bala.

  6. Wilson’s falls power plant in Bracebridge is a good example of working with the developer instead of against. The original plan for the power plant was a concrete cube. That was rejected. Now it looks like a cottage with nice wood and stone trim.

  7. I fully support anyone’s right to protest. I believe Bala deserved some consideration in the case the protest to stop the plant was lost. The fight should have been Option 2 or nothing. It was always a fight against the Province and I agree they were going to build useless generation like ugly wind turbines no matter what. Unlike water power wind needs to be backed up with CO2 spewing gas plants. The future is actually small scale solar with local storage as California is already mandating. It’s the opposite to what Ontario is doing. Google the-quest-for-home-utility-bills-of-zero


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