Storage spaces to hide gifts from prying eyes


Have a problem with kids snooping around looking for their Christmas gifts.  Look no further…Muskoka411 has compiled a list of spots that you can hide your purchases and keep the surprise for the big day.
Friend’s house – Keeping the gifts at a friends home will stop your kids from finding gifts.  Just make sure you keep a list of what you have purchased and where it is located in your friend’s home…so not to forget anything for the big day.
Office – If you are fortunate to have space in your workplace, taking and hiding the gifts in you office or cubical is ideal as your children are never there.  Just keep in mind that you may want to not hide big ticket items there or make mention of it.  It would be awful to have them “go missing” and ruin your family’s holiday.
Attic – Have small kids, or a relatively hard attic to access…this might be the best spot in the house.  It is virtually impossible for little ones to access and if it is hard to access without a ladder…that should deter the older ones. 
Storage unit – This is a pricey option, but an option nonetheless if your children are super snoopers.
Locked closet – Just make sure that your closet has a keyed lock and not one that can be picked with a bobby pin or hanger.  Oh and don’t forget to keep that key out of sight!
Basement or Garage – Hide the gifts in storage bins or boxes that a marked for other items (ie. baby clothes).  Keep them in a corner that the no one in the house accesses much and they shouldn’t give it another glance when doing the once over on their snoop mission.
Shed – If you have a shed in your yard…put the gifts in boxes and put on a shelving unit.
Trunk of your car – this is an option if your kids are old enough to snoop, yet too young to have access to the family car.
Keep in mind some of these options are not friendly for gifts of electronics.  Most electronics do not respond well to temperature fluctuations.
Also, don’t forget where you have hidden your gifts.  It might be worth your while to keep a list in your wallet for what you have purchased and where you have hidden it.  


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