Stay Up To Date With Plowing Operations With The Orillia Snowplow Tracker App


Orillia residents can view which roads have been plowed in the city through the touch of a button. The Orillia Snowplow Tracker app is now available through the City’s mobile app, Pingstreet, or at

“We are pleased to offer residents the convenience of knowing exactly which roads have been plowed and when,” said Mayor Steve Clarke. “City crews work hard to maintain local roads throughout the winter and this application will help you see their progress.”

Using coloured lines on a map of City streets and a dropdown tool to select timeframes, the Orillia Snowplow Tracker indicates when roads in Orillia were last plowed. After 24 hours the lines are cleared to ensure only fresh data is displayed. For security reasons, there is a 15-minute delay in the mapped location of the operations vehicle.

“The Orillia Snowplow Tracker application is a great way for Orillia residents to stay up-to-speed on City plowing operations directly from their mobile device or computer,” said Kyle Mitchell, Manager of Source Protection and Operations. “The City of Orillia has made several improvements to its winter operations over the last few years, including increasing plowing response times, greater plowing frequency and snowbank removal, and reducing the snowpack on roadways. This app will highlight many of these improvements by showing residents exactly where and when snowplows are out keeping Orillia roads up to winter control standards.”


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