The Dogvent Calendar is Now Available


Every Christmas, kids, teenagers and even parents enjoy the holidays and start the 25 day countdown to Christmas with a little treat from their advent calendar. The Dogvent Calendar was created by local dog lovers, Michael Marcucci and Colton Vandenberk, to include your furry companion in this fun morning tradition. The calendar holds 25 daily treats inside it that have been produced by the group’s treat partner, Northern Biscuit. Northern Biscuit is a well-known producer from Ontario and we can tell that there was a large importance placed on incorporating healthy treats into this calendar. Northern Biscuits’ treats are:

  1. Produced with only simply good ingredients, no chemicals or artificials
  2. Hypoallergenic and wheat-free
  3. Low calorie for your fit pup
  4. Made in Canada!

The Dogvent Calendar is a fun gift for your own dog or a friend with a puppy. The Advent Calendar begins December 1st so all orders should be placed this November to get the festivities started in time. In random Dogvent Calendars there are golden biscuits, which could win you and your dog free Northern Biscuit treats for a year! Happy Pawlidays!



Treat Information:

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