Summer Seasonal Fundraising Nets Huntsville Hospital Foundation $453,000


In addition to other local fundraising that continues year-round, Huntsville Hospital Foundation raised $453,000 dollars from a variety of special events and activities held in the cottage country surrounding Huntsville this summer. That number is expected to exceed well over $500,000 as donations continue to come in.
“We’re so thankful to our cottage country neighbours and volunteer organizers who really stepped up again this year,” says Katherine Craine, Executive Director of Huntsville Hospital Foundation. “Lake of Bays, Hardwood Lake, Mary Lake – cottage country property owners attended golf tournaments, held dock gatherings and other events to generate a better understanding of the relationship between the hospital’s ability to provide the best medicine and everyone who depends on it. Our seasonal property residents and their donations make it clear that Huntsville Hospital is everyone’s hospital and deserving of support.”
Huntsville Hospital Foundation raises funds so our hospital can acquire the advanced technology and even basic equipment that is not covered by provincial health care funding. Having the right technology improves diagnosis and speeds treatment. Giving our professionals the tools they need saves lives.
“Helping the hospital stay current in technology is the responsibility of the community,” says Katherine Craine. “That’s the way it works everywhere in Ontario. We’re blessed to have a great hospital here. But we’re also blessed to have a diverse population that supports it. That includes full-time residents, local businesses, visitors and seasonal residents, as demonstrated by our fund-raising results in cottage country this summer. We’re all working together in this and everyone has a role to play.”
The Huntsville Hospital Foundation’s annual goal is to raise $3,000,000 in the community every year. The effort to meet this goal is renewed every year because the technology and equipment needs of the hospital are continuous.


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