Smoke-Free Ontario Act Reminder


The Town of Huntsville would like to remind residents of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and the new regulations that came into effect this year. The intent of the new legislation is to further protect children and young people from tobacco by decreasing its visibility in outdoor public spaces frequented by them.
As of January 1, 2015 it is illegal to smoke on and around children’s playgrounds and publicly owned sport fields and surfaces (e.g., areas for basketball, baseball, soccer or beach volleyball, ice rinks, tennis courts, splash pads and swimming pools that are owned by a municipality, the province or a postsecondary education institution). The new rules also make it illegal to smoke on all bar and restaurant patios, whether covered or not (with the exemption for uncovered patios established by the Royal Canadian Legion – Ontario Provincial Command before November 18, 2013).

The Town of Huntsville is committed to the health and wellbeing of its residents and a smoke-free Ontario. No smoking signs are located throughout the Municipality in designated smoke-free areas.
For more details on the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and the new legislation please visit


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