SIU Terminates Investigation After Determining Man’s Injury In Bracebridge Cell Was Self-Inflicted


The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has terminated an investigation into an injury sustained by a 32-year-old man while in police custody in Bracebridge last month.

Joseph Martino, interim director of the SIU, terminated the investigation after video evidence revealed that the man himself caused the fracture in his right hand. The man was lodged in a cell at the Bracebridge OPP Detachment on the morning of Nov. 12. He jumped up while swinging his right hand at the cell ceiling at about 11:30 a.m., according to the SIU, and immediately cradled his right hand following the swing.

“The video recording of the man’s stay in cells captured the moment of the injury,” Martino said. “It is apparent based on the SIU’s preliminary inquiries that the man and he alone is to blame for his fractured right hand.” 

Martino continued on to say that, due to the circumstances, there is “patently nothing to investigate as far as the potential criminal liability of any police officer” in connection to the man’s injury, so the investigation has been discontinued and the file is closed.


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