Signs Up Warning Drivers Of Dangerous Intersections In Muskoka


Signs are up at seven intersections between on Highway 11 Huntsville and Bracebridge warning drivers about the dangers of the at-grade intersections.

The signs are the work of the group Safer Highway 11 Muskoka, which is calling on the provincial government to replace the seven intersections with two overpasses.

“Over the past decade there have been nearly 700 accidents along this stretch of highway,” said spokesperson Kevin Powers. “The previous government said replacing the intersections would significantly improve safety but did nothing. Now’s the chance for this government to do the right thing.”

The signs are placed between Stephenson Rd. 1 and Lindgren Rd. E. One reads: “Make this intersection safer.” The other says: “Improve this dangerous intersection.” Both ask drivers to sign a petition, which has racked up nearly 400 signatures from concerned residents.

“We have the support of Cottage Associations, businesses and politicians, and we are hopeful the provincial government will listen and put this project on its priority list for next year,” Powers said.


  1. You missed a bad one, its is in Gravenhurst!! Winewood & Muskoka beach road… drivers don’t turn their signal light OFF after a slight merge so it looks like they are going to turn right on Muskoka beach road, so the poor souls trying to fet off Muskoka beach onto Winewood advance and then Bam the drivers don’t turn!!!!


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