Severn Bridge School To Plant Butterfly-Friendly Garden

Photo by Justin DoCanto on Unsplash

K.P. Manson Public School is planting a butterfly-friendly garden on their school grounds with the help of Laura Thomas of Hidden Habitat at noon on June 12.

Similar to the David Suzuki Butterflyway Project that encourages volunteers to plant networks of native wildflowers for pollinators across Canada, Hidden Habitat aims to protect and promote the biodiversity of outdoor spaces while incorporating native plants into local gardens. The school’s garden will include native perennials and shrubs that support a diverse group of pollinators. Butterfly host plants like field pussytoes and pearly everlasting that attract painted lady butterflies, which the school’s kindergarten students raised from larvae and released a few weeks ago, will be included in the garden. It will also feature milkweeds for monarch butterflies and a variety of other species to support everything from bumblebees to mason bees. Students will be involved in all aspects of preparing, planting and nurturing the school’s butterfly garden.  

“The pollinator pathway garden is an exciting project that not only creates habitat for indigenous wildlife, it creates an exciting outdoor classroom where students can see for themselves the interactions and relationships between our indigenous flora and fauna,” Thomas said. “We are thrilled to be donating our resources towards this project and can’t wait to get planting for pollinators.”


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