Orillia OPP Are Getting More Calls For Gunshots During Hunting Season


The OPP Orillia Detachment have received a number of calls from citizens hearing gunshots in the nearby townships.

Over the past few days the Orillia OPP have received many calls from concerned citizens that report hearing gunshots. The same volume of calls is reported every year during the fall hunt. These calls are often generated from the Townships of Ramara, Severn and Oro-Medonte.

The Orillia OPP would like to remind people that hunting season is upon us and in many areas hunting is legal. The Orillia OPP would also like to remind hunters to be aware of their surroundings and abide by the laws and best practices for a safe, enjoyable and respectful hunting season.

If you are concerned of illegal shooting of firearms or feel there is an immediate danger to the public please call police. If you have questions about hunting season and regulations please visit the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) at www.Ontario.ca and search for their page. Alternatively, you can call the local MNRF office at 705-325-7500 with questions or concerns.


  1. By Shawn
    People! We are Canadian!!! This is not Detroit. It should take more than a sound of a shot before you run to dial 911. Even if it weren’t hunting season, there would still be legal reasons you could hear it such as target practice, farm/property protection, and automated scarecrow noises. I know the TV often carries sad or scary news stories, but there are literally millions of Canadians safely using their firearms every year, and you might just hear one.
    Have a great fall everyone!!

  2. Hunting is a part of Canadian heritage along with responsible firearms use. If people were able to let go of the movie “silencers” they know and were better educated this problem of “noise pollution” via gunshots that some city people feel the need to call 911 for could be easily eradicated by legalizing the use of suppressors to lessen noise pollution and hearing damage.


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