OPP Seek Public Assistance To Identify Parties Involved In Suspected Arson At Abandoned School

Back of school. Photo by Maddie Binning

The Orillia OPP are seeking public assistance in locating and identifying the parties involved in an arson at an abandoned school.

Police were called to attend a fire at Mount Slaven Public School on Westmount Drive just before 1 a.m. on Oct. 25. Authorities believe that suspects gained entrance into the building and ignited the fire sometime on the evening of Oct. 24. The Orillia OPP, Orillia Crime Unit, OPP Forensic Identification Services (FIS) and Ontario Fire Marshall (OFM) are investigating the fire, which caused extensive damage to the building. 

Anyone who knows the person or persons responsible for this act or has information that can assist police are asked to contact the Orillia OPP at 705-326-3536 or 1-888-310-1122. 

Crews Battle School Fire Overnight In Orillia


  1. Arson? If people are found to have done this, it becomes a real battle to prove they did it! They have endangered the lives of many first responders! The justice system we have will send these people to a course on the dangers of fire. They will give them a slap on the wrist and begone. Just like the other day 2 people are convicted of robbery for drugs, they did 5 robberies. They terrified people and all they get a 2 years less a day so they don’t have to do federal time. Then the *&($%$%% judge wish them well in there rehab! What the judge has between his ears is minimal! No wonder the cops are bugged out, easy bail, light sentencing, oh there just kids! Bull crap, some point and time we have to make these people accountable for their actions! You wonder whats wrong with people these days just reading this tells people that in general I can do most anything and get away with it! Safe day to all first responders, some of us do have your back, and support you in your daily struggles with the inept judges we have here in this country!


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