OPP Officer Charged After Collision In Midland


Southern Georgian Bay OPP investigated a three vehicle collision between a marked OPP vehicle and two other vehicles in the intersection of County Road 93 and Young Street/Balm Beach Road in Midland on October 28, 2019.

The OPP member was responding to an emergent call for service, when the officer’s marked patrol vehicle collided with another car in the intersection. Both the officer and another driver were treated for minor injuries at an area hospital.

As a result of the investigation, a 16-years of service police officer and current member of the OPP has been charged with red light – fail to stop as per section 144(18) of the Highway Traffic Act (HTA).

Crash In Midland Sends Two People To Hospital Including OPP Officer


  1. please publish the cops name just like you would if it was a real person that way if people know who it is and you see the cop you can ask the same stupid questions they ask you eg are you keeping your nose clean copper does your family know you nearly killed someone you know stuff you can say if you see it at the mall or church or in front of their kids like they do to you

  2. And then people complain that the police are too slow in responding. I don’t know the circumstances but drivers should be paying attention and have an awareness of what’s going on. Was their radio on full volume?

  3. I highly doubt and OPP officer would conduct themselves by asking stupid questions in front of ones family in a mall or church.I do agree the name should have been reported once a charge is layed.Police are subject to human error like everyone else sometimes it can turn tragic.


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