OPP Issue Warning Ahead Of Friday The 13th


The OPP Biker Enforcement Unit is warning attendees of Friday the 13th biker rally in Port Dover about the activities and attendance of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. While the vast majority of motorcycle riders are law-abiding citizens, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs exist and continue to profit from illegal activities such as fraud, drug and human trafficking, extortion and money laundering. These illicit activities directly harm our communities.

The OPP reminds the public that purchasing and wearing support merchandise is unwittingly supporting known organized crime groups. The profits from gang-generated merchandise directly supports illegal activities. With ongoing tensions between rival Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and their support clubs, seemingly harmless open display or wearing of any recognized gang-related clothing or paraphernalia may put an individual at risk of being targeted by rival members this weekend.

OPP officers will be in attendance in and around Port Dover with a heavy focus on traffic flow and direction throughout the event to ensure everyone’s safety. Report any suspicious behaviour to police at 1-888-310-1122 or anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

“Although Friday the 13th attracts mostly law-abiding motorcycle enthusiasts, we continue to see the presence of those who live and promote a lifestyle outside of the law. Our priority is keeping everyone safe. We ask that anyone attending avoids wearing and purchasing gang-related merchandise, which supports criminal activities. It may seem like a simple t-shirt or hat, but wearers of support merchandise may unknowingly impact their own personal safety especially given the tensions between rival gangs.” – Detective Inspector Brad NUNN, Investigation and Support Bureau, Ontario Provincial Police


  1. Instead of listening to OPP propaganda, why don’t you instead talk to one of the so called “gang” members. You will find they are just as enthusiastic about their bikes as you are. They are just as human as you are. You will find they are real and honest. If the government tells you to fear something, it’s most likely something they want to control so they are just trying to keep the people in control. Propaganda like this is such a crock and if people actually take the time to get to know these people they are profiling, you will probably shake your head in awe with just how wrong the government and media is.

    • Not saying i agree with the opp here but to bs and say that 1% are all just good normal law abiding citzens who are just motorcycle enthusiasts like everyone else is just false, its an outlaw group that ANYBODY cant just join for a reason , yes alot of them are good respectable people who have other jobs etc and just like the lifestyle but some live the life to the fullest

  2. The Ontario Provincial Police are the biggest crooks around. Take a look at all their conversations and charges against officers….for all crimes rape, drugs ,child porn,ect… they are in need of a major overhaul… fire them all and start fresh .

  3. Dover is over… Bull$hit propaganda put out by the cops whom insist on fear mongering via media . There’s no reason for the hype they’re feeding the sheep aside from budget . It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby… This bull$hit needs to stop. I’ve been attending Dover since the late 80s and never have I witnessed any incidents with club members or anyone wearing club support gear. A few isolated incidents with locals who have had a few too many beverages but nothing club or patch related.. there’s no need for show of force from Ontario provincial police with these semi automatic weapons they sport.. the only ones whom they are hurting are the local business owners with they’re bull.. again Dover is over.. no motorcycle enthusiast’s in my circle will be in attendance this year.. police state..

  4. Sorry guys! We do need government, media well that sometimes is good, sometimes is bad! The rest of your comments, well makes me wonder where your going! Liking bikes is great and fun. Illegal activity is not good! People suffer cause of bad actions by some! Just saying, safe ride to them and a great day in Port Dover. Safe day to all first responders!

  5. hahaha….it is obvious most people don’t know that Port Dover is a neutral event, no fighting, no violence allowed…that is the unspoken rule…I have stepped in on a couple of punks told them this kind of activity is not allowed, which they understood and stopped the silly goings on….Dover should never be treated with anything but respect


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