OPP And MNRF Remind Residents Of Coyotes In Local Communities


Southern Georgian Bay OPP and the MNRF would like to make cottagers, hikers, cross country skiers and pedestrians aware that we do share our open spaces and bush area’s with numerous members of the wildlife community.

One of those members is the coyote who can be found in both rural and urban areas in the communities of North Simcoe. Some key points for people who may encounter coyotes are as follows:

·        Do not approach or feed coyotes.

·        Do not try to “tame” a coyote.

·        Secure garbage and minimize attractants on your property.

·        Use deterrents and fences to keep coyotes away from your home and gardens.

·        Keep all pets on leashes or confined to a yard.

Whistles and electronic alarms may frighten away an approaching coyote if encountered by a pedestrian. For those who walk with your family pet, be aware that a cat or dog may be seen as prey by coyotes and an attack may prove fatal or result in serious injuries for the pet.

It is also that time of year that hunters may be seen in rural areas and they or their hunting dogs may be seen or come in contact with residents in the area of their hunt. All hunters are reminded to abide by all Federal, Provincial laws and Municipal bylaws in the interest of public safety.

MNRF officers do patrol our rural areas to safeguard the public interest by leading and delivering professional regulatory protection of Ontario’s natural resources. The MNRF hunting TIP line is 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667) which is provided for the public to report illegal hunting activity.


  1. We have this over abundance of predators in the province because our inept liberals and past PC parties gave into animal activists. Trappers and fur prices! Why would you trap! Mike Harris and the bear hunt! Wynne,s Liberals generating more revenue by forcing hunters to by license,s and creating a so callled eastern grey wolf of Algonquin which is actually a hybrid dog coyote cross and has been proven so by many biologists. So now we invite the hunters back in to control them! Great idea! MNR just a bunch of managers at the top puppeting for the animal activists! To the front line MNR staff, god bless you! Doug Ford is certainly trying to straighten them out! Open up the door, let your dogs and cats out, introduce them to the food chain! Just saying!


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