Operation Corridor To Target Commercial Vehicles June 13-14, 2019


As the OPP gears up for Operation Corridor, they are reporting that 40 per cent of transport truck collisions in 2018 involved a commercial driver who either made an improper lane change or was following a vehicle too closely.

The OPP responded to 7,674 transport truck collisions last year, with 63 lives lost and 1,142 of the crashes resulting in injuries. Nearly 75 per cent of the people killed in the collisions were passengers in other vehicles. Close to 80 per cent of last year’s transport truck-related collisions were multi-vehicle crashes, making this a significant road safety issue.

“Road safety is dependent on commercial drivers who recognize that these large, heavy-load trucks need to be driven with the utmost safety in mind and are committed to flawless driving habits and meticulous vehicle maintenance practices. Reducing the number of transport truck collisions also requires that other motorists share the road safely with them.”

— Thomas Carrique, Commissioner, Ontario Provincial Police

Diving and following too closely were factors in almost half of all OPP-investigated transport truck crashes over the past five years (2014-2018).

Operation Corridor is an annual 24-hour enforcement and education campaign conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation.

The initiative targets commercial vehicle drivers with the goal of reducing deaths, injuries and collisions that involve commercial motor vehicles.


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