Muskoka Auto Parts Building In Sundridge Bulldozed Due To Fire

Photo Credit: Sharon Richardson

The Muskoka Auto Parts location in Sundridge was bulldozed due to a fire that started around 9:30 p.m. on March 14.

Multiple people reported flames and smoke at the store located at 10428 Hwy 124 in Sundridge. The tenant who lives above the store was evacuated after locals reported seeing smoke. Daniel Dennis, who is the son of the owner and works in the Huntsville head office, said that fire officials bulldozed the building to control the flames. The Dennis family also issued a statement on the homepage of their website.

Dennis said the business is directing all of their calls and web orders to the North Bay and Huntsville locations to service their community for the immediate future. They will also be looking for a rental property to use while they rebuild the store, but for now, he said he’s thankful for the volunteers that came together to help.

“Really a lot of people from the community got together in order to help solve that issue,” Dennis said. “We’re just happy nobody was hurt and it didn’t happen during business hours when there were people in the building because the roof collapsed and everything.”

A representative from the Sundridge fire department said that the chief was still on the scene the next day on the morning of March 15.


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