Man Waving A Gun Shuts Down Bethune Drive in Gravenhurst On Tuesday Night


On June 30, 2020 at 8:47 p.m., Bracebridge OPP officers were dispatched to a complaint of a man waving around a firearm on his property on Bethune Drive in Gravenhurst.

Police closed the area to all traffic in order to conduct an investigation and have arrested and charged 61 year-old Norman Nawrocki of Gravenhurst with the following:

  • Uttering Threats
  • Pointing a Firearm
  • Unauthorized Possession of a FirearmĀ  X 2
  • Careless Storage of Firearm X 2

Two firearms were seized and he will appear in Bracebridge Court on September 8, 2020 to answer to his charges.

Photo Credit: Country 102 FM


  1. Was it the evil looking ar-15 that’s why ? Or was it a fully automatic rifle ? A handgun ? Firearms does not explain what type ? Unauthorized Possession how did he get them ? Did he have he PAL then it expired which would make it Unauthorized Possession ? The story has alot holes in it .

  2. A gun is a gun is a gun and waving one around in public is a recipe for an expensive lawyer to own your house. Unless of course you qualify for legal aid and then getting a good one is like finding a pin in a haystack.


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