Lakehead University’s Women And Water Event To Explore And Celebrate The Human Connection To Water

Maude Barlow. Photo by Michelle Valberg

Lakehead University’s Office of Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning is bringing together three women to explore the human connection to one of the world’s most vital resources in the upcoming event, Women and Water.

Coco Love Alcorn. Photo courtesy of Lakehead University

The event on June 19 will be an evening of stories, teachings, and songs with the common theme of the centrality of water. Three women will join Lakehead University for Women and Water to help explore, embrace and celebrate human relationships with water. Kim Wheatley, water walker and Anishinaabe traditional grandmother, will start off the event with traditional stories, songs and teachings. Maude Barlow, honorary chairperson of the Council of Canadians, chair of Food and Water Watch, and Lakehead University honorary degree recipient, will address the question, “Whose Water is It Anyway?” and talk about the fight for water justice in Canada and across the world. Canadian singer-songwriter Coco Love Alcorn, who some may know from her performance at the Mariposa Folk Festival in 2018, will join to perform her hit, “The River,” along with other top songs.

Kim Wheatley. Photo courtesy of Lakehead University

“We have been working really hard in Orillia to think through and address climate change and embrace sustainability,” said Linda Rodenburg, coordinator of Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning. “We wanted to do something to celebrate our commitment to addressing these issues. Everyone can learn something about the water, and embrace its importance in their own ways.”

Rodenburg said that according to local Indigenous teachings, women are the keepers of the water, but that doesn’t mean that the event is only for women. “Their message is for everyone in our community, men and women, young and old,” she said.

Details, including registration information, can be found on the Lakehead University website. Click here to buy tickets.


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