Huntsville Raises Special Olympics Flag At Canada Summit Centre

The Special Olympics flag flies at the Canada Summit Centre. Photo by Maddie Binning

A new flag will fly at the Canada Summit Centre for 10 days after the Town of Huntsville raised the Special Olympics flag at noon on Jan. 9.

Deputy Mayor Karin Terziano spoke briefly prior to the flag raising along with Bill Weber from the Knights of Columbus in Huntsville, a local charitable group that does regular work with Special Olympics. Terziano and Weber also gathered around the flag for pictures with local volunteers. The flag will fly at the Canada Summit Centre until Jan. 19.

“We want to get the word out that there’s Special Olympics here in town,” Weber said. “A lot of people I don’t think realize that that there is Special Olympics in this area, let alone just in the town, so [the flag is] to get a higher profile for them.”

Weber is hoping that better awareness of Special Olympics in Huntsville will draw more volunteers and donations to help the organization do more for their athletes, including bringing them to bigger events down south.

“The biggest thing is, if you come out and see these [athletes] and you watch them play, they have an absolute joy of sport,” he said. “It’s a little refreshing rather than somebody trying to get the million dollar contract with people screaming at them in the stands. . . it’s nice as a change to see someone have pure fun.”

If you want to get involved with Special Olympics in Huntsville, visit their website here. See photos from the flag raising below.


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