Huntsville Company Fined $10,000 For Failing To Comply With A Fire Inspection


1035056 Ontario Inc., the owner of the building in which Fanotech Enviro Inc. carries out manufacturing in Huntsville, pleaded guilty to two counts of “Failing to comply with an Inspection Order”, under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act. An appearance in Bracebridge Provincial Offences court resulted in fines totalling $10,000 plus victim surcharges.
In June 2017, following a complaint, an inspection was conducted of the property. Two separate Inspection Orders were issued for contraventions found during the inspection. The Owner had 90 days to comply with the Orders but a subsequent inspection revealed that the work was not completed and charges were filed against the Corporation.
The Owner has since brought most items into compliance with the Ontario Fire Code although some elements remain outstanding. The fire department continues to work with the Owner to address those issues.
Fire Prevention Officer Mike Vadlja says “It is preferred that violations are promptly addressed without the need to go to court, although it is sometimes necessary in order to initiate the actions that are required.”
“The fire department is committed to ensuring that appropriate measures are being taken by property owners and occupants to achieve fire and life safety and will continue to use the tools available through the Fire Protection and Prevention Act to gain compliance”.


  1. Okay so the fire dept gave this comp., 90 days plus to come to Code! They refuse or have an issue with the code or are just challenging the HFD! Now he has a fine to pay of $10,000! Well hello mister company! Great job by HFD, great job by the courts! They get no enjoyment taking these people to court, they would and do work with the public by fire education! The next time you see the HFD Inspector walk into your premises for an inspection people are going to pay attention! They do these inspections to protect property, to protect lives! Not only that, but these people that don’t comply, put the dedicated lives of our / your firefighters at risk! Safe day to all our first responders, to those that challenge the Fire Services, pony up, your gonna get an attitude adjustment!


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