Health Care Partners In Muskoka And Area Working Together to Become An Ontario Health Team

Photo Credit: Matt Sitler Country 102

A dedicated group of health care partners from Muskoka and Area has come together to submit a readiness assessment for consideration by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in response to the Provincial Government’s call for self-assessments – the first step toward the formation of Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). The submission was successfully sent for approval on May 14, 2019 and is the first step in becoming an integrated health service delivery network.
A core planning team, brought together by Dr. David Mathies, has been working together over the past few weeks on a readiness assessment to submit to the Province. The initial group is comprised of a broad group of individuals and organizations, many of whom were involved in the Muskoka and Area Health System Transformation (MAHST) project that was initiated in the fall of 2016. This has been a continuation of the grassroots planning process that engaged patients, health care providers, social service and community stakeholders in the development of a vision and recommendations for implementation of a local health system transformation.
That group of individuals and organizations has grown and is proud to come together to demonstrate enthusiasm and readiness to become an Ontario Health Team. There is a shared commitment to the goals and objectives of improving health care access and health care transitions, clinical and fiscal accountability, and to deliver comprehensive and coordinated care within our unique communities.
Community Engagement
As a major component of the development process, health care providers and partners are looking to engage patients, families and caregivers in our local communities in shaping of Muskoka and Area Ontario Health Team. An open call for participation in the design and development process will ensure the area’s needs and ideas will drive future development of the OHT.
Next Steps
In lock step with patient, family and caregiver advisors identified through the call for participation, the team will continue to plan to advance integrated care in Muskoka and Area. The team of partners will continue to build on new and existing partnerships and gain information about patient and provider experience to improve health care system quality and efficiency. The team is committed to open engagement and communication with partners, patients, providers and the community at large in the journey from readiness to maturity.

“I am pleased to see healthcare providers in Parry Sound-Muskoka coming together to apply to be an Ontario Health Team. Many of our healthcare professionals already work together collaboratively so I believe our region is well positioned to lead the move towards patient centered care.” – Norman Miller, MPP Parry Sound – Muskoka

Knowing that the model will continue to evolve over time based on learnings from others and community engagement activities, the core desire to coordinate care, expand access to care and create seamless transitions in the local health care system, will remain the ultimate goal.


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