Gravenhurst Town Officials Ask Residents To Remain Vigilant

Photo courtesy of the Town of Gravenhurst

Town officials in Gravenhurst are asking residents to remain vigilant, saying that while some watershed levels to the north have stabilized and started to recede, levels in Lake Muskoka are still elevated due to the additional rainfall received this week and have not yet crested in Gravenhurst.

Residents are urged to watch water levels closely and look for local updates. As part of the ongoing operations, town officials will continue to monitor levels daily and issue regular road patrols. A variety of volunteers and community partners have filled 9,000 sandbags that are available at Cowbell Lane, Severn River Road East, Muskoka Bay Park, Sunshine Court. Fill-your-own locations are still active at Cowbell Lane, Severn River Road East, Graham Road, Sunshine Court, Muskoka Bay Park and the Municipal Public Works Yard at 1054 Crawford Road.

“We would like to specifically thank Corrections Canada for assisting with our sandbag operations, they single handedly contributed 6,000 filled sand bags to the efforts,” said Andrew Stacey, director of Infrastructure Services. “This effort is commendable and should not go unnoticed.”

Residents should continue to be on the look-out for changing conditions, especially in low-lying areas and those that are prone to flooding, and are reminded to take precautions.

“Public safety is our number one concern,” said Todd Clapp, deputy fire chief and community emergency management coordinator. “Residents and visitors are reminded that all parks adjacent to Lake Muskoka in the municipality of Gravenhurst remain closed and the Ministry of Transport watercraft prohibition for Lake Muskoka is still in effect at this time.”

Tips on preparatory actions from the Town of Gravenhurst:

  • Relocate items of value above flood levels. This includes items inside boathouses, basements, garages, sheds, yards, or other structures.
  • Keep pets and children away from shorelines. Embankments are soft and may give way.
  • Prearrange emergency accommodations and prepare items in a “go bag” in case of evacuation. Items such as medications, documentation, personal items and allowances for pets should be considered.
  • Turn off electrical equipment in buildings if they are at risk of flooding. If necessary contact your local utility Elexicon Energy (1-866-579-6819 ) or Hydro One (1-800-434-1235)
  • Do not consume any food or drink that have been in contact with flood water
  • The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) has issued a Drinking Water Advisory for properties located in flooded areas with well water or using surface water. Residents on properties with well water in flooded areas should assume the water is not potable.


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