Gravenhurst Students To Participate In Province-Wide Protest Of Ford Government’s Changes To Education


Local students in Gravenhurst are participating in a walkout on April 4 as part of a province-wide protest of the Ford government’s changes to education.

Students from Gravenhurst High School are planning to meet at the Gravenhurst Opera House from 1:15 to 2 p.m. to protest recent educational changes. The changes include making students take four mandatory online courses, increasing the average class size to 28 students, cuts to supports for students with autism inside and outside of the school, cutting funding for the arts and more, according to Sage van Kooten, one of the organizers of the local protest.

The local effort is part of a larger movement called Students Say No, which has students across the province organizing protests and sharing information about what the educational changes could mean for them and their fellow students.

To learn more about the local movement, visit their Instagram here. To learn more about the province-wide movement, click here.


  1. When they get a job and start contributing they will realize the importance of all having to do some form of constraints in running the country! The government has to start somewhere so let’s do it! Balance the books and then review! Could this be the entitlement attitude most people talk about these days. Yes it is! That is why we are where we are today, led by the liberals for many years where we give everyone everything, that is Provincial and federal. Then the PC’s come in and have to clean it up! Stay in school would be better for you all!

  2. Read it and stand by my previous comment! Banning cell phones? There in classes? Must be quiet the atmosphere with them ringing all day long! No wonder teachers are frustrated!


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